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Always more than meets the eye

Last week, West Fargo School District leaders made the decision to relieve Jeremy Murphy from his duties as advisor for the West Fargo High School Packer newspaper. It has been a controversial decision that has captured the attention of the community.

While it is easy for us to want to point fingers or second guess decisions made by others, we have to keep in mind that the view from the sidelines never reveals the whole picture.

A difference of philosophy versus freedom of speech has surfaced as the biggest concerns involved in the dispute. However, as with most controversies, there appear to be a lot of other underlying issues involved. While I commend Murphy for instilling the importance of freedom of speech in the minds of his students, and teaching them to stand up for what they believe in, I think there is more at stake than first amendment rights.

Murphy, who also serves as advisor for the high school yearbook, took heat from the district earlier this year over whether Community High School students should be included in the West Fargo High School yearbook. Why haven't the seniors from Community High been included in West Fargo High School's yearbook all along?

There's always more to the story than meets the eye.