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Preliminary 2010 budget talks begin

West Fargo City Commissioners opened their first round of 2010 budget talks Monday night reviewing the general fund which has its beginning total set at $7,545,536, a 4.5 percent increase over last year.

The total preliminary budget has been set at $29,840, 386 compared to $29,440,023 in 2009; and the mill levy at 90.50 compared to 86.47 in 2009. The present projected value of a mill is 70,719, based off an estimated valuation of $70,719.924, a mill value increase of $2,813 per mill over last year.

These numbers are up due to a proposed 20.5 percent increase in employee health insurance rates, as well as a 4 percent salary increase that includes a 2 percent cost of living hike.

The addition of one new patrol officer has been included in the police department budget; and the hiring of an electrician in the public works department.

Budget talks will pick up where they left off immediately following the West Fargo City Commissioners regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, August 3.

The preliminary budget will more than likely be approved in early September, with the finalized budget required to be adopted by October 10.

The next meeting will address special funds. All budget meetings are open to the public.