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West Fargo Pioneer Web site re-design in works

Web construction

West Fargo's official city paper is under going a Web site re-design. The new format will allow users to navigate more smoothly through the site and find content faster through the use of "tagging" of keywords in stories and articles.

Editorial and advertising will now be assigned "tags" or keywords that users can search to find related content. This is the same process used by many of the online search engines, like Google.

Along with changes to how content is accessed we will have an overall look change. The site will switch to a three column format for faster searchability, access and new features, along with a new navigation bar located at the top of the page instead of the left hand side.

The re-designed Web site will be launching in early August. The new look will take a little getting used to, but be reassured that the same great content you expect from the West Fargo Pioneer will be there and easier to access.