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'Move Over Law' change begins Saturday in North Dakota

Starting Saturday, the North Dakota law that requires motorists to slow down and move over for ambulances and law enforcement vehicles with their emergency lights on also will apply to state Department of Transportation vehicles.

The amendment to the existing "Move Over Law" applies to any department vehicle displaying a flashing, revolving or rotating amber or white light, including snowplows, construction vehicles and pickups, spokeswoman Billie Jo Lorius said.

The law aims to reduce the number of crashes on the state's roadways.

"It's to minimize traffic and really to promote safer driving," Lorius said.

Motorists being approached from behind by an authorized emergency vehicle on a multi-lane highway outside city limits must move to the opposite lane to allow the emergency vehicle to pass.

However, the maneuver must be made "with due regard to safety and other traffic," the department said in a news release. If it can't be done, the driver must proceed with due caution, reduce the speed of the vehicle and maintain a safe speed for existing road conditions.

Violators of the law face a $50 fine. If the motorist causes a crash with a snowplow or other road maintenance vehicle, two points also will be assessed to their driver's license.