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Main Avenue work progressing on schedule

Work is continuing at a steady pace on Main Avenue reconstruction, with October 17, targeted as the completion date for the first phase of the entire project which began in mid-May.

Focus during the month of September will be on installing the remainder of the pavement, curb and gutters and sidewalks and paving the frontage roads, followed by the remaining electrical work and landscaping in October.

North Dakota Department of Transportation Senior Project Engineer Joe Peyerl said that overall the project has been going well and with the weather cooperating everything is pretty much progressing on schedule.

The work the past few weeks has focused on concrete paving which has been completed for the most part on Main Avenue with the exception of some of the turn lanes and curb and gutter.

Crews are currently proceeding west on the frontage road laying aggregate base up to First Street in the Town Hall area, and during the course of the week crews may begin pavement removal on the existing frontage east of First Street. From Morrison to Fifth Street, all of the main line concrete paving has been completed with the exception of some turn lanes.

Another high area of focus the past couple weeks has been the installation of the water lines in the frontage road areas that have been removed.

An activity expected to occur as soon as today (Thursday) is crews tying the new concrete to the old asphalt roadway with new asphalt pavement transitions on Main Avenue proper, so hopefully by the end of next week traffic can be routed onto the new pavement from end to end on Main Avenue instead of using the frontage roads for traffic flow.

Peyerl said the goal is to complete the last of the paving the first week in October. Then all that will remain will be the electrical work, i.e. street lights, signals, the last of sidewalk ties, and some landscaping involving topsoil, seeding, and other finish work.