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Stolen payroll checks believed part of national crime ring

WEST FARGO - Three businesses in West Fargo's Industrial Park had blank payroll check stolen in burglaries ranging late last month.

West Fargo Police Investigator Derek Cruff told WDAY Radio News that many of those checks - stolen between Aug. 27-29 - have been cashed in the area by men using fictitious ID's.

So far the checks cashed in the area have totaled several thousand dollars, Cruff said.

The businesses that were burglarized have not been identified.

Cruff says they were recently contacted by police in Lisbon, N.D., after an unsuccessful attempt to cash one of the payroll checks.

Cruff believes they can associate this group to a nation wide group traveling around the county.

This same group is now believed to be operating in the Watertown, S.D. area. The West Fargo, Lisbon, and Watertown police are working together to solve the crimes.