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Teachers contract talks reach stalemate, result in impasse

Negotiation teams for the West Fargo School District and West Fargo Education Association arrived at impasse following a meeting September 9, bringing to a standstill approximately four months of contract talks.

As a result, during the next month the two sides will need to agree on a three-member panel that will try and arrive at a compromise.

In the meantime, the school district's teachers will continue to work under the same terms and conditions of last year's contracts.

The School District negotiators final offer to teachers was an 8.02 percent increase in total compensation over two years, including a 3.26 percent increase for the 2009-2010 school year, and 4.76 percent increase for the following year. The offer was refused by WFEA negotiators who had proposed a 9.07 percent increase in total compensation, including a 3.26 percent increase the first year and 5.81 percent increase the second year.