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Midcontinent, Dakota Medical raise flood impact funding

Midcontinent Communications announced that they have raised $15,450 for the Moorhead - Clay County Flood Impact Fund and that the Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) in Fargo will match the amount with their own contribution.

"The Dakota Medical Foundation is pleased to provide a matching grant to the Moorhead - Clay County Flood Impact Fund to support ongoing flood recovery efforts in the area," said DMF Executive Director Pat Traynor.

Midcontinent is in the process of extending their fiber optic network in Moorhead and requested easement releases this summer for homeowners' properties. Midcontinent donated $25 to the Impact Fund for every signature received.

"We thank the citizens of Moorhead for their cooperation in helping us obtain easement signatures. We also certainly appreciate the generous contribution from the Dakota Medical Foundation," said Midcontinent's Senior Vice President of Public Policy Tom Simmons. "This year's flood had a tremendous impact on some of our employees and our customers in Moorhead and in the surrounding area. It's important that we continue to support efforts toward restoration and recovery from the damage."