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Karl third candidate to file for West Fargo mayor position

There will be a third contender in the June 8 Primary Election, with Peter Karl filing the necessary paperwork Monday in a bid for mayor against incumbent Rich Mattern and City Commissioner Mike Thorstad.

Karl said he decided to run because he "is tired of many factors" within the community.

Campaign goals will address the need to: step up the activity for a water purification system; revamp the city's tax structure making it more suitable for small businesses to locate in the community; realize a community center in efforts to provide a place for individuals to come together; as well as for a redesign of city parks to make them more family-friendly enjoyable.

Karl has long been an outspoken advocate both with local and national leaders for a community wide monorail system, adding he has expertise in securing federal funding for mass transit issues that would provide for taking advantage of the federal government to help with such programs.

He said he would also like to work with the police department and provide them a bigger and better station with more office space.

He feels one of the biggest issues is "the fact people come to stay in hotels and they have nothing to do or nowhere to go." He is hoping to create a festive area that would create more education, amusement and a better environment for people in general, in turn, offering added encouragement for businesses to locate in the community.

Karl, who is unemployed, resides in West Fargo with his wife, Tasia.

He is originally from Florida and spent time in New York working with mass transit in Long Island before locating to this area.

Karl is a registered low-risk sex offender. While in New York, he was convicted in Nassau County District Court on Dec. 8, 2003, on attempted possession of child pornography charges. He received six years probation and is required to register as a sexual offender until Dec. 8, 2018. He officially registered in West Fargo in July of 2007.

In addition to the open mayor position in the June 8 Primary election, two city commission seats, four park board spots and the judgeship are also open to candidates. On the West Fargo School side, four school board positions are also up for bids. All are four-year terms.

All candidates must file their respective paperwork by Friday, April 9, at 4 p.m.