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Shakers make a difference

Members of the West Fargo Shakers group, pictured in anticipation of the presentations include, from left to right: Mitch Finn, Mike Migler, Jake Lauritsen, Brian Quam, Joel Finn, Paul Finn, Dewey Vinesett, and Jake Reese

The West Fargo Shakers New Year's Eve fundraiser was affected slightly by the adverse weather conditions, but nonetheless, the event held for the third straight year at the Speedway Event Center ended on a high note, with the group raising $2,500 for two great community causes: Hope, Inc., the recipient of $2,000, and the Charlie Company Family Readiness Group, which received $500. Hope, Inc. is a local nonprofit organization committed to assisting families with children who are physically and mentally challenged; while the Charlie Company Family Readiness Group, is a local support organization for families of National Guard members presently serving overseas.