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District 13: Lee announces bid for 4th senate term

Senator Judy Lee announced that she is seeking a fourth term in the North Dakota Senate, representing District 13 in West Fargo. She has been a member of the Human Services committee since first elected, and chair for the past nine years. Lee has also served on the Political Subdivisions committee and Government and Veterans Affairs committee.

She was elected to serve as president pro tempore of the Senate in 2007, presiding over senate business when the Lieutenant Governor was unavailable.

"I am proud of the accomplishments of the legislature during the past years, including significant increases in funding for K-12 education which also led to significant reductions in property taxes, more support for higher education, funds to improve roads and bridges throughout the state, and providing appropriate services for those who need them. These were all done while reducing taxes for our citizens."

Lee has been recognized for her legislative work by the N.D. State Bar Association, N.D. Medical Association, ARC of N.D., National Federation of Independent Businesses, N.D. Township Officers Association, and Nurse Practitioners, among others. She has been active in the National Conference of State Legislatures, serving as national chair of the NCSL Health Committee in 2009. During her years of service, North Dakota has gained a national reputation as the safest state in America, due to aggressive efforts to strengthen the hand of law enforcement in dealing with sexual predators and those who wish to damage our communities with illegal drugs.

"I find the work of the senate to be challenging, but rewarding, because in North Dakota, we can make a difference in how things are done," Lee said. "The government should enable citizens to live productive lives, not create obstacles to personal growth and success, whether in business or in one's personal life. At the same time, we have responsibilities to our vulnerable citizens that also must be met. Using North Dakota resources wisely to do what needs to be done while keeping taxes under control and protecting our state by keeping an emergency reserve is my goal and I look forward to continuing that work."

Lee can be contacted at or by calling 701-282-6512.