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Koppelman seeks re-election

Rep. Kim Koppelman has announced that he will seek re-election to the North Dakota House of Representatives. He represents West Fargo's District 13, where he was first elected in 1994.

Koppelman is the chairman of the Constitutional Revision Committee. For most of his legislative tenure, he has also served on the Judiciary and Political Subdivisions Committee. He vice chaired the Judiciary Committee in the 1999-2000 biennium. From 2001-2004, he served on the Appropriations Committee and the Budget Section.

He sponsored landmark regulatory reform legislation during his first session, in 1995, and has served ever since on the statutory Administrative Rules Committee and currently serves as its vice chairman.

In 2008, Koppelman was chairman of the Council of State Governments, the only national organization made up of all three branches of government in all 50 states. CSG includes four regional legislative conferences. It also sponsors leadership development programs and meetings of state government officials and provides them a variety of services.

During Koppelman's chairmanship, in June of 1998, CSG sponsored the First National Interbranch Summit of the States in Bismarck, which drew attendance from officials in all branches of state government from throughout the nation, to the state. As chairman, he also appointed other North Dakota officials to serve in national leadership positions.

"Serving in leadership on both the state and national level has helped me become an even more effective voice for the people of West Fargo and North Dakota," said Koppelman.

"Representing our district and community is an incredible honor and privilege, and a responsibility which I take very seriously. That's why I work so hard to bring the values we share and common sense solutions to state government in Bismarck. We've worked to limit government and keep taxes low, and to deliver good value and efficiency in the government services we expect."

"People everywhere have noticed, as North Dakota continues to grow and prosper, in the midst of our national challenges. It's going to take hard work and proven experience to keep our state moving in the right direction and that's the work I'd like to continue," he added.

Koppelman is a graduate of the Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development and the Toll Fellowship Program and has received awards and other recognition for his legislative service, including the prestigious Stueben Eagle leadership award.

He founded and co-chaired the CSG Interbranch Working Group, and chaired the Strategic Planning Committee of the Council of State Governments. He also serves on the Civil Justice Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council and was a member of the Executive Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Last year, he was one of eight American state legislators selected for the Rising State Leaders Program, sponsored by the national government of Canada.

Koppelman was appointed by North Dakota Governor John Hoeven to the Task Force on Violent Sexual Offenders and the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission. He sponsored legislation to toughen North Dakota's sex offender laws, to protect citizens from identity theft and on many other important topics and has been a champion in the battle against high property taxes in North Dakota.

The North Dakota Supreme Court appointed him to serve on the Joint Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Judicial Planning Committee.

For 25 years, Koppelman has also owned and operated Koppelman & Associates, an award-winning advertising, marketing, public relations agency, which is headquartered in West Fargo. He has served as an elder and chairman in his church, and has been involved in many other community activities.

He and his wife, Torey, have been local residents for 31 years and have raised their three children in the community.