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FLOOD UPDATE: ND National Guard personnel mobilized for flood duty

FARGO -- The North Dakota National Guard will begin mobilizing soldiers and airman to begin flood operations for Region 4 today and tomorrow.

Region 4 consists of the following counties in southeast North Dakota: Steele, Traill, Barnes, Cass, Ransom, Sargent and Richland.

"Three-hundred to 400 Guardsmen will be mobilized with boots on the ground by tomorrow," said Col. Ronald Solberg, N.D. National Guard emergency operations commander for Region 4.

The guardsmen will begin 12-hour shifts fulfilling a variety of flood operation missions, including traffic control, logistical and supply support, sandbagging and creating rows of HESCO barriers.

"Airmen and soldiers will begin traffic control points in Lisbon and Fargo today," Solberg said.

A dedicated 24-hour media phone line for North Dakota National Guard operations in the southeast part of the state has been established and will be manned by military public affairs personnel at (701) 451-2194.