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West Fargo band students earn honors at festival

West Fargo band students in grades 9-12 competed March 18, in the East-State Ensemble Festival at North Dakota State University.

Several students earned top honors, including Briana Hartog and Wendy Sun, who received the Outstanding Performance Award for the clarinet room.

Other top honors included:

Regional Star ratings

• Flute Duet - Chelsey Buth and Emma Grant.

• Marimba Duet - Joey Bjornson and Maria Brekkestran.

• Trumpet Duet - Nick Cajobe and Kyle Roberts.

• Mixed Woodwind Trio - Theresa Schlangen, Madilyn Haider, and Catharine Vetter.

• Flute Duet - Ali Beckius and Samantha Pyle.

• Percussion Ensemble - Maria Brekkestran, Joey Bjornson, Nate Peterson, Ricky McGrady, Sarah Vigstol, Jordan Degerness, Casey Larson, and Shannon Nelson.

• Mixed Brass Ensemble - Michael Olson, Ryan Olien, Nick Cajobe, Logan Reed, and Matt Pitzer.

• Mixed Woodwind Duet - Courtney Pederson and Wendy Sun.

• Tuba/Bass Clarinet Duet - Matt Pitzer and Justine Skauge.

• Clarinet Duet - Erika Borslien and Jodi Stende.

• Mixed Woodwind Trio - Erika Borslien, Jodi Stende, and Mari Tonsfeldt.

State Star ratings

• Percussion Ensemble - Nathan Aswege, Andrina Brogden, Alecia Pearson, Landon Regner, Alec Rutten, and Miranda Wilcox.

• Trombone Duet - Michael Olson and Ryan Olien.

• Marimba Duet - Nate Peterson and Faye Stromberg.

• Clarinet Quintet - Briana Hartog, Wendy Sun, Melissa Van Cleve, Justine Skauge, and Alecs Peters.

• Trombone Quartet - Amy Tran, Darac Peters, Ryan Olien, and Michael Olson.

• Flute Duet - Alicia Schroeder and Alyssa Scott.

• Flute Duet - Courtney Pederson and Allison Teske.