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Driver Feedback Boards set

The City of West Fargo has added Driver Feedback Boards on 9th Street East at 17th and 19th Avenues to alert drivers when they are speeding. The boards use stationary radar to determine a vehicle's speed with the result shown on a digital display that flashes when a vehicle is exceeding the posted speed limit.

The boards are capable of being programmed for multiple speed limit settings. During the periods when children are arriving at or leaving school the display will be set for the 20 MPH School Zone limit. During other hours the display will revert back to the normal 30 MPH speed limit. The system is also equipped with a high-end cut-out to prevent displaying speeds in excess of a predetermined limit.

West Fargo Public Works will use the program software of the system to conduct traffic studies along 9th Street. The system collects data relating to the number and speed of vehicles passing the area.

The boards were purchased by the West Fargo Police Department to address speeding in the school zone area of Cheney Middle School. They will be maintained by West Fargo Public Works. Additional Driver Feedback Boards will be installed in other school zone areas as the budget allows.