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Brookwood residents seek shelter at City Hall

Several residents of Brookwood Mobile Home Park took shelter at the West Fargo Police Department located near the corner of Fourth Avenue East and Ninth Street East early Tuesday morning when sirens were sounded notifying all citizens of a tornado warning that had been issued for the area.

The police department has been designated as their 'go to' shelter in the event of serious weather.

Police officials said that Brookwood residents walked over from the adjacent mobile home park about 1:15 a.m., seeking protection from the approaching storm. They were welcomed in and stayed in the lobby area until the storm passed. An officer remained with them during their stay to answer any questions they might have.

These visits to the police department by the Brookwood residents are rare, usually occurring about once a year due to unsettled weather conditions.

As far as West Fargo as a whole during the early Tuesday morning storm, there were no confirmed tornado sightings and no damage occurred. The only report was of flooded streets that cleared up quickly once storm sewers were able to catch up.