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WFPD's Balvik earns state safety award

Wet Fargo Police Department Officer Jason Balvik has been named the recipient of the Outstanding Safety Instructor Award by the North Dakota Safety Council. The award was presented to Balvik during the 38th Annual NDSC Banquet held at the Bismarck Civic Center Wednesday, Feb. 9.

The award is given to a safety instructor who has taught a significant number of courses or students and who has shown true dedication to improving safety in North Dakota, as well as received high marks for their training style. Balvik, currently assigned as a School Resource Officer at West Fargo's 9th Grade Academy and Middle School,  impacted 329 students with the Alive at 25 Defensive Driving Course. NDSC officials stated, "We will never know how many lives Officer Balvik's presentations may have saved."

  Balvik has been with the West Fargo Police Department since April 2005 and formerly served as a patrol officer for the Wahpeton N.D. Police Department. He also serves as a member of the Red River Regional Swat Team.