Weather Forecast


Supplemental Sandbag Delivery Underway

FARGO, N.D. (April 8, 2011) - Due to forecasted rain and the potential for a heightened crest, crews are currently delivering semi truck loads of supplemental sandbags to neighborhoods. These bags will be stored in neighborhoods as a part of the City's contingency plan and will only be used if sandbag dikes need to be built to a higher protection level. Three convoy teams are simultaneously delivering to three separate areas of the Fargo, north Fargo, central Fargo and south Fargo.

Sandbag dikes are currently built to a protection level of 41 feet. Approximately 350,000 additional sandbags would be needed to build sandbag walls to 42 feet. 120,000 sandbags are already on standby in neighborhoods and an additional 235,000 will be delivered today.