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Wilson photo graces Rolling Stone Magazine

The Aug. 4 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine features the photography of Jodi Wilson depicting Maria Forsberg as the 'new face' of the X Games. Jodi Wilson / JW Photography1 / 2
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By Karen Huber

It was while attending Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Moorhead pursuing a degree in graphic design that Jodi Wilson realized her true passion was photography.

After several years of striving for professional perfection, including establishing her own photography studio in Monroe, Washington, near Seattle, all the hard work has paid off big time, with Wilson landing a photo in the August 4 issue of Rolling Stone magazine thanks to Maria Forsberg, an internationally acclaimed EnduroCross racer.

The pair initially became acquainted through Wilson's uncle, who used to be racer himself and is now a part of Forberg's racing team.

Making her home in Washington State and racing on the east coast, Forsberg has earned a high profile reputation, currently ranking No. l. in the U.S. and No. 2 in the world, competing in the nationally televised X Games 17 this last weekend.

In advance of the event, Rolling Stone wanted to feature Forsberg as the "new face" of the extremely popular sport.

Forsberg happened to be in Minnesota when she heard the news. Getting the okay from Rolling Stone to use her own photographer for the shoot, Forsberg quickly turned to Wilson and the rest is history so to speak.

"She called me to ask if I would be her personal photographer," Wilson said with excitement in her voice. "She flew back, we shot Wednesday and Thursday and had the image done on Friday. The whole experience was truly amazing. I am really excited. This is a really big deal and will open even bigger doors in the racing world."

Wilson said the photo was arrived at through a conceptual style session that envisioned elements "to make Maria look tough, no fear and 'ready' for the X games. She is extremely talented and we wanted to showcase her muscle and her determination all in one shot."

A 2001 graduate of West Fargo High School, Wilson is a 2004 graduate of the graphic design program at MSCTC; and a 2008 graduate of Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minn., ranking first in her photography class. While enrolled in the photography program, she completed an internship in Bothell, Wash., and quickly grew to love the area. With an aunt and uncle living there and truly enjoying the climate she ultimately decided to set up shop in neighboring Monroe, opening her own business - JW Photography Studio. "I don't like the cold in North Dakota, so this was perfect for me. I come back in the summer to visit, but then I'm not a big fan of this heat either," she joked.

Through the years, Wilson has also earned a variety of other professional accolades, among them being named 2008 Minnesota Student Professional Photographer of the Year, and receiving a scholarship in 2008 for her retouching work. She also has earned three merited prints, working toward the necessary 25 merits to become a master photographer.

Wilson is presently savoring a two-week visit with her parents, Monty and Marlene Wilson of Harwood. It goes without saying, they are happy to have her back home and beaming about their daughter's Rolling Stone achievement. Mom Marlene, as any doting mother would, sums up the family's feelings best, simply stating, "We are just so very proud of her."

As a side note, Forsberg fared well in the weekend X Games 17, out battling her competitors and the elements of the Enduro X course to grab her first gold medal in inaugural Moto X Enduro X competition.