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The perfect plan for present procrastinators

Being a procrastinator sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't. All you do is sit around and shamelessly put off whatever task needs to get done until the very last minute.

But while it may be the highest of achievements for any connoisseur of the clock crunch, procrastinating does have its drawbacks, especially around the holidays.

True master procrastinators know internet sales are out of the question, and instead have the night-before-Christmas gift grab down to a fine art. They can zip through a bustling mall and check off a shopping list as if they're flicking ticks off a dog.

On the other hand, those of us yet to reach that lofty state of being are left to scramble about in panicked urgency, grabbing whatever department gift cards, picked over must-haves, or festive meat and cheese boxes are left stagnating on the store shelves.

To the majority of you stuck in that latter demographic, we at the West Fargo Pioneer have come up with a little holiday help.

It might seem easy to scamper over to a big mall and figure out gifts as you go. But as anyone who's battled that Christmas-Eve rush knows, there is nothing easy about it.

In that case, why not try staying a bit closer to home? West Fargo boasts a variety of businesses capable of filling those gift giving gaps, many of which are locally owned and proud of it.

What follows is a short list of possible present procuring places, put together by the Pioneer. While there are many, many possible options out there, this might just be the ticket to thinking outside the big-box stores.

And who knows? It just might lead you to a more satisfying shopping experience; even if it does happen to be at the very last minute.

For the ranch hand in us all

Stockmen's Supply has been a West Fargo staple since 1956. The store, located at 802 Main Ave. W., supplies everything from animal feed and livestock equipment, to fencing and casual western wear.

On top of that, Stockmen's Supply has on-staff veterinarians and a veterinary clinic to aid with animal health questions, or offer pharmaceutical supplies for beef, swine, sheep, equine, and dairy.

Really, this is a present procrastinator's ideal one-stop shop. Pick up some dog treats for Fido, a new pair of leather work glove's for dad, bird seed so grandma can watch her feeder, and fancy new cowboy boots for the little miss to wear on square dance night.

Heck, while you're at it, grab a new belt for yourself: you earned it.

For more information, swing by Stockmen's Supply, give them a call at 282-3255, or check out their website at

It's in the hole

Even with our apparent lack of snow, trust that winter will last for months. It's a tough pill to swallow for golfers, but spring will come eventually.

There's no better way to whet a golf fan's whistle than with some gear he or she can drool over in the meantime.

And what does any true golf guru need besides a lifetime supply of Mulligans? Why a golf cart, of course, and the perfect place to get all things cart related is Cheney Motorsports.

Located at 104 8th Ave. N.W., Cheney Motorsports is chockfull of both golf carts and accessories.

What's that? Don't have a few grand to drop on a fresh set of wheels for pops? Well, why not get him just that: wheels. Cheney Motorsports offers a full line of custom items, from the aforementioned wheels, to embroidered seats, to entire bodies. Besides a driver club the size of a cantaloupe, there is nothing that says "professional golfer" more than a jacked up cart with spinning rims and seats sporting "G-Dizzle."

For more information on what Cheney has to offer, give them a call at 282-5965, or visit them online at

Tres chic chicks

If the special woman in your life doesn't fit into the previous categories, maybe something a bit more feminine is in order.

Look no further than the burgeoning Pioneer Shopping Center on the corner of 9th Street East and 13th Avenue. Home to several niche stores geared toward women, it's a Mecca for last-ditch gifts.

One such locale is Oh Suzanne, an accessory store located at 1420 9th St. E., Suite 413. Need to recoup some browny points after choosing hunting over that anniversary dinner you promised? The associates at Oh Suzanne can help with picking from their wide selection of jewelry, which ranges from sterling rings to designer custom bracelets.

The shop doesn't stop at bling alone, however, as it offers up scarves, handbags and even shoes.

Call 476-0056 for addition help, or check out Oh Suzanne's website at

Right by Oh Suzanne is another lady-friendly store, Camy Couture. Formerly known as Bella Boutique, Camy Couture is an occasional-sale boutique that is only open the first five days of the month.

So much for any last-minute gifts.

However, they will be open the first week of January, so if you're up for letting the little woman dangle that long for her Christmas present, it might be just the place to go. Of course, after a two-week soak, you better be buying her something pretty darn special.

For more on Camy Couture, call them at 373-0646 or visit

Keep your handyman handy

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a shiny new hammer or set of socket wrenches, and Ostrom's Ace Hardware has them all.

Planted to the west of Sunmart at 1100 13th Ave. E, Ostram's has been locally owned for more than 25 years. The hardware store carries a variety of tools, lawn and garden equipment, seasonal items and more.

Speaking of seasonal, northlanders are wise enough to not let this unseasonably mild weather make them complacent. And when that Christmas morning blizzard blows through like it did in 2010, there is one particular piece of equipment that will bring a smile to anyone sick of the dreaded snow-shovel-sidewalk-shuffle.

Ditch that spade and spring for the snow blower your favorite man has dreamed of for years. Seeing snow disappear with the help of several combustion-produced horses is the best way to bring Christmas cheer. And to really "spread" that joy to others, it's as easy as setting the chute just right and flinging snow clear across the yard into a neighbor's driveway. Plus, it's a great way pay them back for all the "presents" their little ankle biter left on your well-manicured lawn during the summer.

For store hours or more information on Ostrom's Ace Hardware, check out their Facebook page, or call them at 282-3046.

He shoots, he scores

To the west and across the street from Ostram's is Valley Sporting Goods, located at 1122 Prairie Parkway.

As its name implies, Valley can hook patrons up with just about anything sports related. It's a great place to find a bucket of baseballs for your little leaguer, or maybe some resistance bands and technical clothing for anyone attempting a new health kick as part of their New Year's resolution.

There may be larger sports stores in the area, but Valley Sporting Goods just might contain that special gift their bigger counterparts overlooked. Besides, who wants to deal with those crowds?

For business hours and more information, call Valley Sporting Goods at 281-2818.