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Company B soldiers receive Emergency Service Ribbon

Numerous members of the North Dakota National Guard's Company B, 231st Brigade Support Battalion, were recently thanked for their service during flood operations earlier this year. They received Emergency Service Ribbons to wear on their dress uniforms designating their duty. The maintenance unit is headquartered in Fargo, with a detachment in Valley City, N.D.

Those serving with Company B in Fargo who received the ribbon include:

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Shane Arlien, Penn, N.D.; Sgt. James Bearfield, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Paul Cervinski, Sgt. 1st Class Scott Gainsforth, Spc. Joshua Hoaglund, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin Jacobson, Spc. Angela Sager, Master Sgt. Duane Pfeifer, Spc. Larry Rozmarynowski, Sgt. Sean Vannett, all Devils Lake; Spc. Peter Belgarde, Pfc. Anthony Bunn, Staff Sgt. Randy Carlson, Spc. Richard Counts, Sgt. Matthew Derby, Spc. Dustin Devillers, Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Gehrtz, Sgt. Billy Hanson, Spc. James Heinle, Pfc. Christopher Hunter, Pfc. Lloyd Hunter, Sgt. 1st Class Troy Lang, Spc. Cass Litton, Staff Sgt. Matthew Mitchel, Sgt. Aaron Montgomery, Pfc. David Ness, Staff Sgt. Amy Omlid, Spc. Eric Peterson, Spc. Dustin Pfeifle, Pfc. Lawrence Salazar, and Pfc. Jamison Smestad, all Fargo; Spc. Johnathan Berry, Fergus Falls, Minn.; Sgt. 1st Class Montie Beyer, Glyndon, Minn.; Staff Sgt. Warren Braaten, Sgt. Christopher Franck, Spc. Joshua Odden, Spc. Charles Riley Jr., Sgt. Shane Spieker, Sgt. Dustin Suko, Spc. Dustin Westerman, all of West Fargo; Spc. Timothy Brink, Horace; Sgt. Mark Buske, Sgt. Ryan Felch, Spc. Charles Johnson, Spc. Todger Morrow, Staff Sgt. Deborah Walker, all of Grand Forks; Spc. Sandra Dewey, of Sherwood, N.D.; Sgt. Theodore Eklund, Spc. Christopher Pfau, both Moorhead; 1st Lt. Randy Fuss, Lake Park, Minn.; Staff Sgt. Kelly Goehring, Pelican Rapids, Minn.; Staff Sgt. Bryan Hovland, Sgt. Thomas Tang, of Argusville, both Argusville; Pfc. Brandon Johnson, Cadott, Wis.; Spc. Sean Jones, Sgt. Darin Zins, both Lisbon, N.D.; 2nd Lt. John Kelly, St. Joseph, Minn.; Pfc. Timothy Knudson, of Portland, N.D.; Sgt. 1st Class Dean McMurray, Casselton; 1st Sgt. Dean Myers, Cooperstown, N.D.; Staff Sgt. Bryce Peak, Barnesville, Minn.; Staff Sgt. Jerald Qualley, Detroit Lakes, Minn.; Sgt. Diana Reese, Lincoln, N.D.; Spc. Christopher Richter, Underwood, N.D.; Staff Sgt. Eric Schafer, of Mandan; Spc. Marie Shortbull, Sgt. 1st Class Kim Unruh, both Bismarck; Staff Sgt. Arbie Springer, Timber Lake, S.D.; and Pfc. Matthew Mielke.

Those serving with Company B, Detachment 1, in Valley City who receiving the ribbon were: Spc. Thomas Bergseid, Barnesville, Minn.; Staff Sgt. Amos Bickel, Lisbon, N.D.; 2nd Lt. Rachel Bickford, Lamoure, N.D.; Staff Sgt. Jacob Bollinger, Pfc. Jordan Lunn, Sgt. Alan Patterson, Cadet Nhia Yang, all Fargo; Sgt. Paul Drabus, Spc. Matthew Wieser, both Valley City; Spc. Kevin Gemar, Sgt. Kenneth Loepp, both Oakes, N.D.; Sgt. Kelly Grotte, Des Lacs, N.D.; Staff Sgt. Brent Haley, New Rockford, N.D.; Sgt. 1st Class Roy Johnson, Devils Lake; Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dennis Lahti, Minot; Sgt. 1st Class Robert Nicklay, Casselton; Sgt. Kevin Richman, of Tower City; Staff Sgt. Steven Sorenson, Staff Sgt. Amy Wieser Willson, both West Fargo; and Spc. Daniel Wieland, Sanborn, N.D.