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West Fargo School Board approves sale of land for new elementary school

During their regularly scheduled meeting Monday, the West Fargo School Board approved the purchase of a plot of land, approximately 12 acres in size, along 40th Avenue.

This land, which will cost roughly $30,000 per acre, is being purchased for the construction of a new elementary school for the district.

Board members felt they are currently 'ill-equipped' for the long-term growth of the city south of I-94, and hope this new elementary school would help them cope with such substantial development.

This new school would be located east of the Sheyenne 9th Grade Center.

Some board members expressed concern for potential traffic issues the school would create in the area, but the city's plan to expand 40th Avenue to four lanes should correct any issues.

The school board also approved changes made in the job description and salary schedule of the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.

With the creation of a Community Relations Coordinator position, of which many of it responsibilities originally fell to the Executive Assistant, changes had to be made to the original position's description. The salary was also adjusted to better represent the duties of the position.

The board also reviewed the upcoming budget for the 2012-2013 school year, in which they requested approximately $39 million.