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New lighted signals helping traffic flow

Carrie Snyder / West Fargo Pioneer

The traffic situation has been made easier and more timely for motorists entering Veterans Boulevard from the west and the east on 23rd Avenue East thanks to the installation of four-way lighted traffic signals that became operational a week ago.

Traffic from the west has increased enormously with all the development in the area, specifically with the recent opening of the Costco store adjacent to the I-94 interchange.

A traffic study by city officials revealed that a traffic light on the roadway was warranted by all the additional traffic that will be generated by the construction both on the west and east side where Sanford will be a huge draw.

Other traffic light placements are also in the planning stages to be completed next summer, along with the installation of a fiber optic interconnect that will provide traffic signal coordination.

Traffic lights will be installed at 19th Avenue and Ninth Street on the north side of the Interchange; and on the south side at 26th Avenue which will be the entrance to the new Holy Cross Catholic Church and Freedom Elementary School; 36th Avenue and 40th Avenue.

All of these projects south of the Interstate will be an even cost split between West Fargo and Fargo, and the one north will be funded by the city of West Fargo.