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Class of '67 donates to Education Foundation

The West Fargo High School's graduating class of 1967 recently raised $2,000 that was then donated to the West Fargo Education Foundation.

"The Class of 1967 was the first class to defeat a Fargo high school in any sport (the football team beat Fargo South)," West Fargo alum Jim Thompson said. "Now the Class of 1967 is the first class to donate to the West Fargo Education Foundation."

After the class' 45th reunion in September, Jim Thompson was asked if he would interested in donating to the foundation. He and his wife, Sandra, decided to issue a challenge to his former classmates: If they could raise $1,000 by New Year's Eve, they would match that total.

The class reached their goal two weeks early.

Many private schools have similar systems in place to allow their alumni to give back to their school, but few public schools make the effort to do so.

"In talking with some classmates," Thompson said, "we decided we wanted to use this to remember and honor the teachers who had done so much to help us when we were in school."

Teachers being honored by the alumni include:

Polly Ames, DeWitt Batterberry, George Bender, Marjorie Bjerkager, John Engbrecht, Tom Engh, Keith Flygare, Ward Galbraith, Marv Gerhardson, Ed Hall, Renee Jarvis, Marvin Leidel, Calvin Mithun, David Montplaisir, Richard Stenberg and Glenn Whaley.

Those from the Class of 1967 that donated to this cause include:

Mike Bergsgaard, David Brekke, Scott Funfar, Carla Gader Rotering, Jann Haselhurst Hija, Carol Pralduske Krogh, Jim Krogh, Wally Mark, Rich Petersson, David Streed and Brad Trom.

The West Fargo Education Foundation is an organization dedicated to creating advance the education of West Fargo Public Schools students by "providing progressive opportunities for learning above and beyond the basic curriculum."