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Weekend blasts become the norm: City response to storm typical, immediate

Winter reared its ugly head again for the third weekend in a row raising havoc with roadways, visibility and forcing the cancellation of schools resulting in a much welcomed snow day for the students.

The only problem this time, the high winds and cold sub-zero temperatures were unwelcome negatives for those wanting or needing to spend time outdoors.

A white snow wall hit West Fargo early Sunday evening, greatly reducing visibility to almost zero before subsiding a bit making roadways somewhat negotiable in town.

Several Interstates were closed Monday, making out-of-town travel impossible.

Officials at the West Fargo Police Department reported a higher number of traffic collisions due to the weather, as well as reports of vehicles ending up in the ditch requiring assistance.

There were no major injuries, power outages or damages directly tied to the gusty winds that at times hit the 40-mile-per-hour mark.

Snowfall was also at a minimum in town, making street clean up a little more palatable for city crews.

Some roads were blocked for a time, but street crews made short order of the situation.

Public works officials admit it was an odd storm trying to arrive at a schedule that fit without overextending crews.

Two shifts were out Thursday night into Friday evening working in advance of the storm concentrating on the snow emergency routes.

A skeleton crew was out on Saturday to treat icy conditions before resuming the two shifts again on Sunday who continued to rotate cleanup into yesterday (Tuesday).

Notwithstanding the blizzard conditions, crews were also able to start plowing some residential streets in addition to the emergency routes and trouble areas.

As time allows between storms, city crews have also been busy hauling tons of piled up snow to a variety of different city drop sites as part of their ongoing cleanup effort.