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Heises give new meaning to term ‘redneck’ offering innovative glasses at Gigantic Rummage Sale

Rosemary and Harvey Heise are having a lot of fun with their newfound business hobby creating unique beverage glasses. Karen Huber / Pioneer

Harvey and Rosemary Heise are letting their imaginations run wild, savoring a newfound business hobby that for the moment is filling their early retirement years.

“Rosie’s Redneck Glasses” is just what the name implies and so much more, with the end product perfect for any drink imaginable complete with a lid to prevent spillage or other unwanted intrusions.

As the promotional piece states “you don’t have to be a redneck, cowboy, or even a hillbilly to enjoy this glass, but a sense of humor does help.”

Toward that end, the the West Fargo couple is happily caught up in creating a vast assortment of wine and beverage glasses, personally handcrafted from varying sized canning jars, each with a unique flare and theme as they relate to requests for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, you name it.

The activity was inspired by their daughter Jackie Brookins who urged mom and dad to do something to keep them busy since they were no longer gainfully employed.

They followed her advice and busy they’ve been for almost a year now, relying on their oversized kitchen counter as their production line, to this point amassing about 750 of the finished product, with no two ever really alike.

There are beads, butterflies, dolphins, marbles, shells, turtles, cowboy boots, fishing lures, ladybugs, cancer logos, whatever the requests throw out.

The mementoes representing the specific theme are positioned on the lid and in the base of the new Mason and Kerr jars typically used. As a for instance, the cowboy glass may feature boots on the bottom and western hat on the top lid, with the jar firmly attached to the candlestick base completing the wine glass look.

The end results comes in varying shapes and sizes that also now include a red and green solo cup version for whatever the party purpose.

Pointing out that the little relics used to initiate the theme are not always easy to find, Rosemary said the most unusual request has been for a worm in the bottom of a margarita shaped jar. Other interesting humorous theme requests have been for 22 shells for a “shotgun wedding,” and for fishing lures for a “we’re hooked on each other” wedding at Forest Hills.

The glasses, very reasonably priced, also make excellent special occasion gifts for that hard-to-buy for person.

Overall, the production has evolved into “a well-tuned machine”  taking about ten minutes to turn out each glass along with a couple of extra minutes to apply a double shot of the special hobby glue used to make the connection even sturdier, also supported by a handwash only recommendation.

The kick-off of the line received a real boost at Potato Days in Barnesville last year. Several cases of the cowboy themed glasses have also been sold to the Medora Foundation for the Theodore Roosevelt U.S. made store.

Licensed in North Dakota and Minnesota, and a member of Pride of Dakota, where they received an excellent reception at last year’s show, Rosemary said they are happy to promote wherever they can and have their product available at several other locations including Wedding Elegance, Empire Liquor, Packers Package, the Maple River Winery at Casselton, as well as the Spirit Shop.

The Heises said one really nice aspect of promoting their product is the opportunity to socialize with old familiar faces.

Those acquaintances run deep with the Heises now married for 45 years living in Mapleton for 34 years before moving to their new home in The Villas in West Fargo.

Harvey retired from a 34-year career with FM Forklift in June of 2012. He also served on the Mapleton Fire Department the same number of years including a stint as fire chief.

Rosemary was employed at Cash Registers Inc., the Red River Valley Fair, Thermal King, Adessa and DSI before officially stepping down. She was also involved in city government at Mapleton for 21 years, first as auditor then moving to city council and mayor before returning to city council. She now serves as secretary for the condo association at The Villa, where they reside.

The Heises are also kept busy as active members at Holy Cross Catholic Church where they volunteer their time; and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren taking in their school and sporting activities.

Looking forward, they plan to continue to pursue their retirement venture until the demand wanes and then they will move onto something else. “We aren’t getting wealthy,” Rosemary laughed, “but it is enough to pay for some fun family vacations, and have a little spending money to treat the grandkids. We’d also like to put a little nest egg away to go to Hawaii.”

“The best part is we are having a ball doing this. It gives us something to do and we get to meet people from all over the country; or all of a sudden we will see friends and neighbors we haven’t seen for a long time. It’s a place to reconnect and have fun doing it.”

The business currently has about 250 wine glasses in stock along with six cases of red solo cups.

An added side product of Rosie’s Redneck venture is recycled cups and saucers converted and designed into decorative holders for everything from candles to candy goodies.

Everyone interested will be able to get an upfront birdseye view of Rosie’s Redneck Glasses as Rosemary and Harvey feature their wares at the West Fargo Park District sponsored 19th Annual Rummage Sale Saturday,April 20, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Arena, 1201 7th St. E., West Fargo.

The Heises will be among over 175 vendor booths filling both arenas offering rummage and garage sale items, clearance items, household items, crafts, antiques, collectibles, home-based business products and much more.

Admission will be $1 per person with kids 17 and under free. Concessions will be available throughout the show and there will be plenty of free parking.

For more information about booth space, contact West Fargo Park District at 701-433-5360 or visit