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Police Chief resting, regaining strength at home

We are happy to report that West Fargo Police Chief Arland Rasmussen, who underwent heart bypass surgery on April 13, is now home, recuperating and resting comfortably.

This according to his wife, Verna, who said he was discharged from the hospital on Friday, April 19 following a "difficult surgery."

His regimen involves basically short walks around the house and resting in his easy chair, in an effort to regain strength and stamina in the week off before starting cardiac rehab therapy next week.

As far as keeping in touch, Arland is relying on his Ipad and has been online at his work site reading emails and texts and corresponding whenever possible.

Even though he is trying to get much rest as possible, Verna said Arland welcomes texts and emails because those are the easiest for him to respond to.

Verna reiterates the families thankfulness for all the well-wishes that have been expressed by so many caring people in the entire metro area.

"Lots of messages of support and thoughts and prayers have been coming our way," Verna stated. "We'd like to say again that we feel so lucky to live in such a wonderful community where the people are so supportive and really do genuinely care."

Rasmussen has been West Fargo Chief of Police since 1995. He and his wife, Verna, a first grade teacher at Westside Elementary School, are longtime West Fargo residents.