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Fair Association announces new elected members and officers

The Red River Valley Fair Association held their Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 with agenda items including the discussion of the 2013 Red River Valley Fair, 2013 Big Iron Farm Show, plus voting in newly elected board members and officers.

Two members were chosen to serve on the Red River Valley Fair Association's 50 person Board of Directors. These two individuals were chosen on what they believe they can bring to the organization, past committee experiences, and how their leadership can drive the association to greater heights: Chris Heise, West Fargo, N.D., and Staci Lee, Kindred,N.D.

The following members of the 50-person Board of Directors have been elected to serve on the Executive Committee: Renee Atkinson, West Fargo, N.D.; Mary McIntyre, Casselton, N.D.; and Tom Monilaws, Absaraka, N.D. All of them have been elected to a three-year term. They join current executive committee members Jo Anne Anderson, Bill Hoffmann, Duane Hauck, Susan Hogen, Darnell Lundstrom, and Lois Sullivan.

Hogan, Hauck and McIntyre will serve the Board as president, vice president and secretary-treasurer, respectively.

The board consists of 50 representative citizens of the Red River Valley Fair Association. Ninety percent of the membership must consist of residents from Cass County, North Dakota. Members shall serve until death, resignation, or removal. Each member is required to actively participate in the events held at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds including the Red River Valley Fair and the Big Iron Farm Show.

For more information, visit their website at or call the office at 701.282.2200.