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Bonanzaville adds new board members

Elected to the Cass County Historical Society Board of Directors, from left to right, are: John Monilaws, Ben Hanson, and Carol Seigert. Submitted photo

The Cass County Historical Society elected three new members to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting held Tuesday, April 23. The meeting included an overview of the successes at Bonanzaville in 2012 and of the new events and programming this coming year. The board will be instrumental in facilitating and executing the fundraising plans for 2013.

The Board of Directors at Bonanzaville consists of nine representatives who are elected to serve three-year terms. Ben Hanson of West Fargo holds an education in political science. He is currently a Representative for the North Dakota House of Representatives, District 6, and works fulltime as a Commercial Realtor for Keller Williams Roers Realty. John Monilaws of Valley City has a degree in music education and works fulltime as a high school teacher for the Lisbon School District. Carol Siegert of Hunter is retired with an extensive background in former board experience and a significant line of work in the political field.

These three members join the Bonanzaville Executive Board: Tom Jacobson, Kathleen Toft, Paul Meyers, Robert Clarke, and Bob Jostad.

Tom Jacobson, John Monilaws, Ben Hanson, and Kathleen Toft will serve the Board respectively as president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary.

The Cass County Historical Society is a non-profit organization made up of members of the community who are dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of our region to educate our children. For more information on Bonanzaville or with any questions please visit the website at or call the front office at 701-282-2822.