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Watford City worker’s embezzlement accusation rises to $164,000

WATFORD CITY, N.D. -- Further investigation into a Watford City woman's alleged embezzlement has led to additional charges.

Hannah Lloyd, 38, is charged with three felony counts each of theft and forgery. She was previously accused of funneling more than $57,000 from the Watford City Park District and is now alleged to have stolen about $50,000 from the Watford City Golf Course and about $56,600 from Rink Construction — totaling about $164,000 allegedly stolen over two years.

An amended complaint against Lloyd was filed Monday. She has been held at the McKenzie County Correctional Facility since early January, pending $100,000 cash bond.

Lloyd was reportedly a former accounting firm employee who had account access to the Watford City Park District, golf course and Rink Construction.

Court documents say police reviewed bank documentation and allege Lloyd stole the money using names of fake or former employees but different direct deposit information, along with a limited liability company she reportedly established in 2015.

Watford City Park Board president Justin Johnsrud said a forensic audit is not yet complete to determine the total sum missing from the park district.

"I'm hoping for the beginning of next week," he said Tuesday.

Lloyd's former employer, Rene Johnson, reported her to police in mid-December after the park district approached her with payroll issues. Johnson was indicted in federal court last fall for fraud connected to the oilfield venture of Spokane businessman Doug Carlile and James Henrikson. Henrikson was convicted in 2016 of soliciting Carlile's murder in 2013.

Lloyd is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in two weeks in Watford City before Northwest District Judge Daniel El-Dweek.