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School board member Korsmo resigns

On Friday, Nov. 1, Angela Korsmo’s 16-year tenure as a member of the West Fargo School Board will officially come to an end.

Korsmo, who retired a year ago as assistant to the vice president for regional clinics at Sanford Health. spent much of last winter in Florida. She did, however, participate in a few school board meetings by telephone.Angela Korsmo

Doing the same thing this winter, Korsmo decided to hand the job over to someone who can be there in person. When she returns in the spring, she and her husband intend to put their home up for sale and move to Florida permanently.

“We were visiting our daughter down there in February a few years ago, and I thought to myself ‘this beats the daylights out of West Fargo in winter,’” Korsmo said. “So we talked about it and did some house hunting, and we found a nice little place.”

Korsmo’s time on the board has taken place during a time of historic growth for the district.

“We have gone from a poor district when I started to a district with a lot of money, but also a lot of expenses,” Korsmo said. “When I started on the board, I think the annual budget was about $20 million, and now it is close to $90 million after just 16 years.”

Prior to her time on the School Board, Korsmo spent time teaching at the high school level, and also taught English as a second language overseas.

She told her fellow board members that she has enjoyed “being a part of the success of the school district.”

“This has always been a good district,” Korsmo said. “There is a history of good leadership, with the superintendents and boards we have had. I have enjoyed seeing the district continue to provide more for the students. The kids are learning. They leave here well educated. There is a lot of work left to do, but we have the right plan.”

Ultimately, Korsmo feels she owes the most to the district she has proudly represented.

“I’m so honored and humbled that the community has continued to re-elect me,” Korsmo said. “I obviously wouldn’t have been here if they hadn’t. But the most important thing is that the students keep learning, not how much money the district has.”

The board must fill Korsmo’s soon-to-be vacant position -- either by appointment or by way of a special election -- within 60 days. The superintendent’s office will accept letters of application from interested citizens until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31.

Letters should include why the applicant is interested in being a board member, what makes the applicant qualified to serve on the board and what the applicant sees as the important work of the board in the future. The board will meet as a “committee of the whole” to screen the applicants. The goal is to choose a replacement by Monday, Nov. 12.