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School Board approves hiring of new school officer

During Monday’s meeting, the West Fargo School Board unanimously approved the hiring of a fourth school resources officer for the district.

The new officer will be hired to accommodate a split between Liberty Middle School and Sheyenne High School, both of which share one officer at the moment.

“As you all know, it’s pretty hard to be in two places at once,” Community Relations Coordinator Heather Konschak told the board.

Adding a fourth officer means that there will be one at each West Fargo secondary school.

Where the new school officer will be stationed is decided by the police department, typically based on recommendations by school administration.

Interviews for the position will be conducted in the spring. The new officer will be named shortly after that, and will start in August. The estimated cost to the district for the position, including salary and benefits, is $48,691.59 and will come out of next year’s budget. That total is 75 percent of the cost of the position, as the West Fargo Police Department will cover the rest. The Police Department has already approved and budgeted for the addition.

School resources officer are under contract with the district for three years. Officers can request an additional year if they see fit.

In other action, the board also unanimously approved changes to be made in course offering at the secondary level, presented by assistant superintendent Allen Burgad.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, the district will have nine new courses:

*Aviation Technology I, grades 10-12, .5 or 1 credit (Available at Sheyenne High School)

*Health Careers II, grades 11-12, 1 credit

*Prevention/Care of Athletic Injuries, grades 10-12, .5 or 1 credit

*Automated Manufacturing I, grades 10-12, full-year course, 1 credit (held at Fargo South through Virtual CTE Center)

*Earth Science, grades 10-12, .5 or 1 credit

*STEM Capstone/Internship, grade 12, .5 credit

*Art Appreciation, grades 10-12, .5 credit

*Art Trends, grades 10-12, .5 credit

*Applied Topics in Social Skills II, grades 11-12, 1 credit

Approval of the new courses does not approve the additional staff those courses may require, which will be presented to the board by way of a staffing request at a later time.

School board president Kay Kiefer also mentioned that elections of board members will be held on June 10, in accordance with the Joint Powers Agreement between Cass County and West Fargo Public Schools. The board has four members with terms expiring at that time.

Any West Fargo resident interested in running for the board must complete an Affidavit of Candidacy and a Statement of Interest form. Both of those must be notarized and turned into business manager Mark Lemer by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 7.