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School district seeks public help in naming next elementary school

The West Fargo Public School district is inviting the public to participate in the naming of the district’s newest elementary school (construction begins this spring west of 9th Street W, between 50th and 52nd Avenues S, in The Wilds subdivision).

Those interested in submitting school name suggestions must do so no later than February 28 by sending them to or by mail:

Name the 10th Elementary

207 West Main Avenue

West Fargo, ND 58078

When submitting names, please consider the following categories:

1) Individuals > a famous local, state or national figure who exemplifies courage, respect, honesty, tolerance or other admirable traits.

2) Places > locations, landmarks or topographical features related to the school site, such as a street, historical marker, river or the community or neighborhood in which the school is located.

3) Symbolism or a symbolic name > a word or words that capture the essence of the place or function of the school.

4) Any combination of the above.

Once the submission deadline has expired, each school board member will select up to three names from the list of submitted names. Members will rank these names individually and discuss those that rank the highest before voting.

The district hopes to have the final selection in March.