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FLOOD UPDATE: Local students continue to help Fargo sandbagging efforts

FARGO - Local middle school and high school students are again taking the time to help protect the community by filling and placing sandbags along the Red River.

Today, an estimated 1,600 students from Fargo Public Schools, Fargo Shanley and West Fargo Public Schools will help at Sandbag Central and in neighborhoods that still need help building sandbag dikes.

Following are some of the locations where students will be volunteering:

Fargo South students - River Vili, Harwood Grove and Timberline.

Fargo North students - Peterson Parkway/Lilac Lane/ Woodcrest.

Shanley students - Belmont Park and Southwood.

West Fargo students - Rose Creek.

Oak Grove Students - Oak Grove.

In addition, nearly 900 students from Fargo Public Schools have excused absences and are helping sandbag in their own neighborhoods.