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West Fargo High School looking at new logo

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West Fargo High School is looking to revamp its image.

Officials are seeking public input to create a new high school Packer logo this year.

"We're one of the few schools, especially in the area, without a licensed logo," marketing teacher Jenna Skaff said. It's important "to give us a unified name and make a brand for the Packer - sort of brings us together."

There are several versions of the image of the Packer bull on buildings and sports gear. And the most commonly used one is difficult to replicate, Skaff said.

Activities Director Curt Jones added that some people have said it's too cartoonish. Creating a new image will keep the logo consistent and updated.

"It authenticates the official logo of your school," he said, adding that the commonly used bull logo is at least 10 years old.

If the school board approves moving forward with the process Tuesday, then they'll gather community input on a new Packer logo, possibly have a vote on a new logo and then license it. They hope to have the process wrapped up by the end of the school year.

Then, the logo would be slowly added to facilities, uniforms and other high school materials.

In the meantime, district officials are also looking at hiring a communications officer. The district has never had an official spokesperson in charge of communications besides the superintendent.

"We've realized we have a communications challenge, so maybe now is the time," board vice president Karen Nitzkorski said.

The new position, which needs the school board's approval, would coordinate communication internally and externally and implement the district's new communication plan.

"As our district has grown, it's become more challenging to have a cohesive plan," Assistant Superintendent Louise Dardis said.

If the board approves the hire, the communications officer would likely start July 1 and earn $48,750.