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West Fargo School Board: 13 candidates file for four open seats

Early reports last Thursday indicated eight hopefuls filed for four open seats on the seven-seat West Fargo school board.

But by the deadline Friday, that number jumped to 13.

Of those, only Karen Nitzkorski and Angela Korsmo are returning incumbents. Current board member Duane Hanson and President Tom Gentzkow have decided this will be their final term. Hanson also recently filed for a position with the West Fargo City Commission.

The remaining 11 West Fargo school board candidates are: Mark Akers, West Fargo; David Olson, West Fargo; Jenny Durbin, West Fargo; Christine McDougall, West Fargo; Mark Sahli, West Fargo; Jason Loos, West Fargo; Rhonda Hawley, West Fargo; Janel Simonson, Reiles Acres; David Colter, West Fargo; Mark Bourdon, West Fargo; and Judy Kvaale, West Fargo.

Voting takes place June 8. The winning four candidates will sit alongside current school board members Kay Kiefer, Ben Koppelman and Patti Stedman.

Supt. interviews begin

Last week, the West Fargo School Board successfully whittled down a pool of 19 superintendent applicants to four.

This week, the board will begin interviews.

Board members start Thursday, with Hutchinson (Kan.) Public Schools Superintendent David Flowers, the former superintendent of Fargo.

Then Sunday, April 18, they meet with two candidates: Northern Cass (Hunter, N.D.) Superintendent Allen Burgad, and Perham-Dent (Minn.) Superintendent Tamara Uselman.

The final interview with West Fargo Assistant Superintendent Louise Dardis takes place Tuesday, April 20.

Students, staff and community members who took part in February input meetings will be given a chance to interview the finalists once the board's interviews are completed.

An offer is expected by early May, and Superintendent Dana Diesel Wallace's replacement will begin work July 1.

The new superintendent will earn a salary of $140,000 to $160,000.