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West Fargo students place at Class A Speech Tournament

Several West Fargo students placed during the 58th Annual NDHSAA Sponsored State Class A Speech Tournament on April 17, at Jamestown High School. Participants either qualified from a regional tournament or at invitational tournaments held during the season.

Mandan captured first place with 145 points. Bismarck St. Mary's and Fargo South tied for second with 73 points apiece, while Fargo Shanley received fourth with 60 points.

Fargo South's Gayle Hyde received a National Federation of State High School Associations State Award for her contributions to Speech in North Dakota. Jamestown High School's Laura Weis was elected by peers as the Speech Coach of the Year.

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Radio Broadcasting: First- Matthew Budke, Fargo South; second- Vanessa Stumpf, Mandan; third- Erika Berger, Mandan; fourth- Maxwell Tolstedt, Fargo Shanley; fifth- Lucas Rutten, Century; sixth- Jennifer Taverna, Williston; seventh- Steve Baker, Century; eighth- James Maeterns, Fargo Shanley

Storytelling: First- Jon Lipp, Fargo Shanley; second- Lindsey Ellefson, Mandan; third- Mallory Nygard, Williston; fourth- Katie Jacobson, Mandan; fifth- Austin Smith, Century; sixth- Travis Mack, Devils Lake; seventh- Matthew Goldenberg, Fargo South; eighth- Kylie Rusch, St. Mary's; Superior Medals- Asley Flickenger, Century; Connor Wright, West Fargo.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: First- Hannah Andring, Mandan; second- Morgan Hessman, St. Mary's; third- Anna Weisenburger, Jamestown; fourth- Brittany Dunnigan, St. Mary's; fifth- Vanessa Stumpf, Mandan; sixth- Connor Baker, Devils Lake; seventh- Samantha Pyle, West Fargo; eighth- Katrina Rudisel, Fargo North.

Humorous Duo: First- Steven Baker/Jesse Emerson, Century; second- Shanley Fogarty/Rachel Levy, Valley City; third- Suzy Frenzel/Dominic Barrios, Mandan; fourth- Nichole Johansen/Brandon Myhre, Devils Lake; fifth- Lucas Rutten/Eli Voight, Century; sixth- Maxwell Tolstedt/Jennifer Vetter, Fargo Shanley; seventh- Megan Anderson/Natalie Gleason, Devils Lake; eighth- Shelby Johnson/Jeff Jung, Mandan.

Dramatic Interpretation: First- Jonathan Wanner, Mandan; second- Kristen Fennel, Fargo South; third- Matthew Budke, Fargo South; fourth- Rachel Burkhard, St. Mary's; fifth- Charlotte Babbitt, Williston; sixth- Liz Tessmer, Mandan; seventh- Emily Engels, Jamestown; eighth- Kendall Newcomb, Mandan.

Extemporaneous Speaking: First- Teagan Lende, Fargo Shanley; second- Anjali Lall, Fargo South; third- Bryce Huestis, Devils Lake; fourth- John Mitzel, Fargo South; fifth- Adam Swigost, St. Mary's; sixth- Maneesh Apte, Fargo South; seventh- Carson Ouellette, Devils Lake; eighth- Chad Brinkman, Mandan

Poetry: First- Shelby Johnson, Mandan; second- Jace Riggin, Devils Lake; third- Jonathon Wanner, Mandan; fourth- Jacy Thibert, Grand Forks Central; fifth- Jaime Kessler, Jamestown; sixth- Morgan Hessman, St. Mary's; seventh- Megan Kapp, Jamestown; eighth- Jace Erickson, Jamestown.

Humorous Interpretation: First- Dominic Barrios, Mandan; second- Scott Alm, Mandan; third- Jacqueline DeGraff, Century; fourth- Katy Rasmussen, St. Mary's ; fifth- Matthew Goldenberg, Fargo South; sixth- Jon Lipp, Fargo Shanley; seventh- Austin Smith, Century; eighth- Conan Rainwater, St. Mary's; Superior Medals- Alec Rutten, West Fargo; Cristina Lawrence, Fargo Shanley

Serious Duo: First- Leah Haak/Nick Lee, Valley City; second- Sarah Nicla/Jace Riggin, Devils Lake; third- Caitlyn McConnell/Jeff Jung, Mandan; fourth- Katie Anderson/Rachel Levy, Valley City; fifth- Sonnet Gruenich/Chris Wagar, Valley City; sixth- Ashley Flickenger/Alexis Hagler, Century; seventh- Shiyel Rittenbach/Stephanie Moore, Mandan; eighth- Allison Appleby/Amanda Wentz, St. Mary's; Superior Medals- Morgan Weiler/Jenna Inman, Century

Inform: First- Brett Johnson, Fargo Shanley; second- Lindsey Ellefson, Mandan ; third- Nick Lee, Valley City; fourth- Jon Oleksik, Williston; fifth- Shelby Wood, St. Mary's; sixth- Catherine Cho, Fargo South; seventh- Lauren Vetter, Fargo Shanley; eighth- Cheyenne Rust, West Fargo; Superior Medals- Carson Ouellete, Devils Lake; Elisabeth Fricker, Fargo South; Janessa Storlie, Williston.

Serious Prose: First- Kendal Newcomb, Mandan; second- Rachel Burkhard, St. Mary's; third- Hannah Andring, Mandan ; fourth- Paige Vance, Fargo South; fifth- Allison Keller, St. Mary's; sixth- Cristina Lawrence, Fargo Shanley; seventh- Leah Haak, Valley City; eighth- Brittany Dunningen, Valley City; Superior Medal- Jaurdyn Dobler, West Fargo.

Speech to Persuade: First- Maneesh Apte, Fargo South; second- Kayla Hawley, West Fargo; third- Erika Berger, Mandan; fourth- Emily Erickson, West Fargo; fifth- Jake Steding, Grand Forks Central; sixth- Catherine Cho, Fargo South; seventh- Sarah Anderson, Century; eighth- Allison Keller, St. Mary's; Superior Medal- Crystal Baerwald

Impromptu: First- Teagan Lende, Fargo Shanley; second- Adam Swigost, St. Mary's; third- John Mitzel, Fargo South; fourth- Mary Armstrong, St. Mary's; fifth- Andrew Leizens, Grand Forks Central; sixth- Shelby Wood, St. Mary's; seventh- Amanda Kalka, Grand Forks Central; eighth- Jennifer Vetter, Fargo Shanley; Superior Medals- Eli Voight, Century; Lucas Wakefield, Devils Lake; Kellen Tibor, St. Mary's; Stetson Bartschi, Williston; Jacob Blotter, Mandan.

Speech to Entertain: First- Katie Jacobson, Mandan; second- Megan Anderson, Devils Lake; third- Mary Armstrong, St. Mary's; fourth- Shanley Fogarty, Valley City; fifth- Joe Kalka, Grand Forks Central; sixth- Kristin Kautz, West Fargo; seventh-Michael Bala, Fargo Shanley; eighth- Jon Oleksick, Williston