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Q&A with the West Fargo School Board candidates

West Fargo city elections are right around the corner (polls open June 8), and being educated about what each incumbent stands for on important topics is important for prospective voters.

This week, the Pioneer will fill you in on the nominees for West Fargo School Board.

There are 13 candidates who have filed for four open seats on the board. Of the four current board members up for re-election, only Angela Korsmo and Vice President Karen Nitzkorski have decided to run for re-election. Longtime member Duane Hanson and board President Tom Gentzkow are leaving their seats.

What we have laid out is a simple, four-part question-and-answer. The candidates were asked to answer each query as concisely as possible. They also were told that the responses would run verbatim, but the Pioneer had the right to edit for length.

Here are the questions in the order they were asked, and the answers from each candidate in alphabetical order. Click on the links to the right to view each question, as well as the list of answers from the candidates.