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Fill the Dome Q&A

By Tyler Shoberg

For several years, the student-led Fill the Dome program has provided much-needed funding and provisions for area food pantries.

This year, the drive has increased its goal from last year, and now, more than ever, needs the community to step up and lend a helping hand.

The Pioneer contacted West Fargo High School Student Body President Briana Keller to answer some questions about this year's program. This is what she had to say.

Question: What is your position with Fill the Dome and what are your duties?

Answer: I am one of the students on the planning board for Fill the Dome, and we are in charge of planning the event, getting sponsors, and getting everyone involved.

Q: Can you please explain the goals of this year's Fill the Dome?

A: Fill the Dome 2010 has set the goals high. Our goals for the year are 110 tons of food and 110,000 dollars (last year, the program brought in 101 tons of food and raised $110,000). The slogan is 110, 110 in 2010.

Q: Has West Fargo set its own personal goal for donations, or are there any other goals (i.e. finishing first, placing higher than last year, beating a specific school, etc.)?

A: Our goal, just like any other year, is to try to take first in any division that we may be in. Another goal this year for us is to get more people involved, such as elementary schools and younger kids.

Q: How is support being spurred at West Fargo High School? Has the response been positive?

A: We are just starting the big push at WFHS, but so far responses have been positive. We try to encourage kids to bring in food by putting up signs, offering incentives, and of course class competitions!

Q: How is this year's response to Fill the Dome different from past years?

A: This year, we are doing class competitions rather than homeroom. The student council thought that people would be more competitive against other grades then against a different classroom.

Q: What kind of community support is WFHS getting? Any local businesses or organizations helping the cause?

A: Everyone loves the idea of Fill the Dome. Our two premiere sponsors, Gate City Bank and Hornbacher's, along with many other businesses have been and will be very helpful in this progress. The community is awesome about giving cans when we go "trick-or-canning," bringing food the day of, or sending food to school with their children.

Q: How can community member help West Fargo, or Fill the Dome in general?

A: There are many ways. The first is to donate money online at Another way to help is to donate food to one of the drop-off sites listed on the website. They can also buy a $10 bag of food that goes toward Fill the Dome at any local Hornbacher's on Nov. 15-21. The last way, and probably the most important is to spread the word; let everyone know what they can do to help, and what a great cause this truly is.

Q: If people have any questions, or need more information about Fill the Dome, who should they contact?

A: They can go to and click on the contact page. Anyone of us listed would be happy to answer questions.

Q: Is there any other general statement you'd like to make about West Fargo and/or Fill the Dome?

A: Get involved! It is a great way to help out all those in need. And it truly is amazing to see what a community like our own can do. Come check out the Fargodome on Nov. 22-23!