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WFHS investigating alleged 'misuse of prescription medications' by students

West Fargo High School administrators are investigating alleged misuse of prescription medication by some of its students.

On Tuesday morning, the West Fargo Pioneer received an anonymous tip that several student athletes had been suspended "for buying and using (prescription medication) from another student," the statement said.

West Fargo Athletic Director Curt Jones confirmed an investigation into possible illegal activity by students was taking place, but would not extrapolate on the anonymous tipster's claims.

Citing student confidentiality laws, West Fargo High School principal Gary Clark said he could not release the names of the students, or what co-curricular activities they participated in as doing so could give away who was involved. The West Fargo Police Department also is helping with the investigation, he said.

Clark admitted that "more than one co-curricular activity is involved."

Upon the Pioneer's request for more information, Clark and Jones sent the following press release Tuesday afternoon:

"The West Fargo High School administration is investigating the misuse of prescription medications allegedly taken by several West Fargo High School students that are involved with co-curricular activities. Any such taking of another person's prescription medication is a violation of the West Fargo Public Schools and the North Dakota High School Activities Association policies and guidelines. The West Fargo Public Schools administration will determine appropriate consequences upon their completion of this investigation."

Clark said the school guidelines for punishment are in line with those of the North Dakota High School Activities Association, which "requires an immediate six-week suspension from any co-curricular activity for a first violation," he said. Consequential violations would result in increased suspensions, he said.

Giving or selling medication is a direct violation of the school district's policy, and "we've found some (allegations) are true, unfortunately," Clark said.

Though he could not go into detail, Clark said some punishments "already had been implemented."

Look to the West Fargo Pioneer for further developments on this story.