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Purpose of Healthy School and Nutrition Policy

The General Statement and Purpose of the new Healthy School & Nutrition Environment policy, enacted by the West Fargo School Board in August.

The West Fargo School District will engage students, parents, teachers, food service personnel, health professionals, school board and other interested community members in developing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and revising as needed, the district-wide nutrition and physical activity wellness policies.

• The West Fargo School District recognizes that nutrition education and physical education are essential components of the educational process and forming lifelong healthy behaviors; and that good health fosters student attendance and education.

• All students in grades K-12 will have opportunities, support and encouragement to be physically active to achieve daily recommended physical activity.

• Food and beverages sold or served at school when students are in session will meet or exceed the nutrition recommendations of the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) or Institute of Medicine (IOM) Standards.

• School meals are intended to be the main source of nutrition for students during the school day.