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NDSC to host Defensive Driving Course

The North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) is hosting a Defensive Driving Course (DDC-4) to help reduce the number of motor vehicle collision-related injuries.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation reported 17,673 motor vehicle crashes in 2009, which resulted in140 fatalities and 4,462 injuries.

DDC-4 is a fast-paced, four-hour driver improvement course that offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities and costs in North Dakota.

By completing a NDSC Defensive Driving Course, you may be eligible for an insurance discount and a three-point reduction on your driving record.

The class will be held Saturday, Nov. 12, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Skills & Technology Center, 1305 19 Ave N, Fargo.

Pre-payment and registration is required, and can be done by calling NDSC at 701-223-6372 or 800-932-8890, or visiting them online at