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West Fargo Ninth Grade Center students lend a helping hand

While cleaning a case in the Law Enforcement Building at Bonanzaville, Suman Rai and Beth Deal look at the artifacts of the Fargo and West Fargo Police Force. Submitted photo1 / 4
After helping out at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, the students and teachers paused for a photo: front row, Tyler Veen, Keenan Cronin, Izzy Waite, Rachel McGrady, Cierra Heley, Gisele Ishimwe, Taylor Rosenkranz; back row, Ross Richards, Robby Ell, Mr. Thomas Kirchoffner, Mia Duncan, Amer Bektas, Thomas Schroeder, Dagha Muhumed , Cooper Pederson, Lexi Schmidt, Logan Helm, Deyshia Tubbs, Adam Cripe, Jacee French, Suzy Dullum, Jake Erickstad, Weston Dobler, Fardowsa Issack, Blayke Gasal, Rijad Bajramov...2 / 4
Mary Jo McKay and Sheyenne students Frankie Lopez, Jacob Hodenfield, Nick Pruis, Mohamednoor Osman, Logan Jaszkowiak, Sienna Crouse and Summer Polzin discover a mallard nest with light blue eggs while cleaning up at Yunker Farm. Submitted photo3 / 4
Marshal Slater, Andrew Sather, Tom Tran, Cody Rolstad, Austin Sullivan and Westly "Church" Linseth carry debris out of the tree grove at Rendezvous Park. The students removed several truckloads of material during their experience. Submitted photo4 / 4

The West Fargo Sheyenne 9th Grade Center held a "Helping Hands" day on April 24 involving the 560-plus student body members reaching out to assist 33 different organizations for a few hours that day in the West Fargo-Fargo communities. This marked the second year for the event.

Among the locations visited were a local thrift store, nursing homes, elementary schools, the Red River Zoo, Yunker Farm, plus many other local organizations.

The day was a huge success with words of praise from those involved. Principal Greg Grooters commended the activity saying it provided a "Great opportunity for our students to give back to the community.  For some of our students, this is their first experience in this capacity.  I think many are surprised at how rewarding it can be to assist groups or individuals in need."

Student Jesse Erickson, who participated, said, "the people at Bethany were really nice. A lot of people didn't have family that could be there for them, so they liked to visit. It is more meaningful because it is touching people's lives."