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Koppelman announces campaign for Congress

Rep. Kim Koppelman, flanked by family members, announces his candidacy for Congress at Sandy's Donuts in West Fargo on Monday. Earlier in the day, he did the same in Bismarck. Submitted photo

Rep. Kim Koppelman (R-West Fargo) announced his candidacy Monday for the United States Congress .

The 17-year member of the North Dakota House of Representatives noted the greatness of America, but also called attention to current challenges and Washington's failure to effectively solve the many problems the nation faces.

Noting that he believes one should run for office "in order

to do something, not in order to be something," Koppelman said he believes that power must be moved from Washington, back to the states and the people.

He said that "we need new ways of thinking about how to deal with the growth of Washington's power and the debt it's accumulating," calling for the mobilization of state and local elected officials, to engage in the process of moving power back to the people.

Koppelman pointed to his Advisory Committee - more than 200 strong, with more than two dozen fellow legislators - and the encouragement he's received to run.

He spoke of the unique qualifications supporters have highlighted - such as his successful business career, which spans 27 years, his chairmanship of the Council of State Governments (all branches of government in all the states), and his record of accomplishment as a "principled leader, a consistent conservative" in the Legislature.

Noting the need to control "silly, overreaching, burdensome regulations," coming from Washington, he pointed to his sponsorship of legislation in North Dakota which reformed the regulatory process and "gave the people's elected representatives authority over job killing, bureaucratic regulations which stifle our economy, burden businesses, and grow government."

"For years, Washington politicians have been telling us, 'Just give my friends and me more money and more power and we'll solve your problems," said Koppelman. "The result is that Washington has more money and more power and our problems are bigger than ever before."

He emphasized the need to rise above partisanship and parochialism in order to solve problems and his record of achievement as evidence that he can help accomplish that.

Koppelman has represented District 13 in the North Dakota House of Representatives since 1994. He is the chairman of the Constitutional and Administrative Rules Committees.