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Incumbents retain positions in commission, park board races

When the counting was all done following the Tuesday, June 12 primary election incumbents held their own in the West Fargo City Commission and Park Board Races. Commissioners Mark Simmons and Mike Thorstad and Park Board members Kathy Scully and Todd Rheault were re-elected to four-year terms on their respective boards.

Thorstad managed 48 percent (3,422) of the vote for re-election to his second term, Simmons 39 percent (2732) in his bid for a third term, followed by challenger Peter Karl at 13 percent of the vote (915). Karl made an unsuccessful bid in the 2010 West Fargo mayoral race.

Scully ended up with 40 percent (2859) of the vote, Rheault 37 percent (2659), with challenger Ken Zetocha coming in at 23 percent (1616) of the vote. Scully has served on the park board for 15 years, while Rheault will be marking his second term. Zetocha had previously served on the board from 2004-2010.

Voters in West Fargo also approved the local measure requiring cities and school districts to publish their official meeting minutes in the West Fargo Pioneer. The city measure saw an 88 percent voter approval, while 87 percent favored the school district measure.

Outcomes of races in surrounding communities, all four-year terms, include:

Harwood: Bill Rohrich was re-elected mayor; Ron Mack and Lori Peyerl won spots on the City Council; while Sara Hilde and Peter Meyer, were re-elected to the Park Board.

Horace: Shane Walock was re-elected mayor, Sharon Hochhalter and Robert Hoffman were re-elected to the City Council; and Chad Urness and Wade Frank were elected to the Park Board.

Reiles Acres: Jefferson Bey was re-elected mayor, and Steve Winterquist and Terry Miller were reelected to the City Council, Miller as a write-in candidate.

In the Cass County Commission race two candidates from each district who earned the largest number of votes in the primary election will go against each other in the November General Election.

The top two vote getters in each District going after a four-year term: District 1: Rocky Schneider (26 percent, 5491 votes) and Chad Peterson (22 percent, 4,495); District 3: Ken Pawluk running unopposed (99 percent); and District 5, Mary Scherling (25 percent, 5129 votes), and Brandy Pyle (18 percent, 3,576 votes). District 5 had a total of seven candidates, all making respective bids with all but one garnering over 2,000 votes.

In the North Dakota Legislative race each district has two House seats and a Senate seat. Even numbered districts have elections this year; while odd-numbered districts will have elections in two years. The main vote-getters in the primary from each party for each seat will advance to the general election in November where they will be elected by and for their specified districts for four-year terms.

Those advancing include: District 16, Senate - Tyler Axness (D), David Duff (R); House - Ben Hanson (D), Benjamin Koppelman (R), Mike Lindemann (D), and Mark Puppe (R); District 22, Senate - Jessica Arneson (D), Gary A. Lee (R); House - Wesley R. Belter (R), Allan Peterson (D), and Peter Silbernagel (R); District 44, Senate - Tim Flakoll (R), and Rick Olek (D); House - Joshua A. Boschee (D), Donald Clark (R), Bob Jansen (D), and Blair Thoreson (R); District 46, Senate - Jim Roers (R), and George Sinner (D); House - Kathy Hawken (R), Jim Kasper (R), Lee Myxter (D), and Dianne Hill (D).