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June ballot takes shape

Along with county and state-wide races, West Fargo residents will vote for:


Four year-term. Annual salary: $11,535.

Rich Mattern*

City Commission

Two seats open. Four-year terms. Annual salary: $7,688.

Duane Hanson*

Bradley Olson

Mark Wentz*

Park Board

Three seats are open. Four-year terms. Annual salary: $1,932.

Sharon Odegaard*

Jeff McCracken*

Municipal Judge

Four year term.

Susan Bailey*

School Board

Four seats open. Four-year terms. Annual salary: $4,730 during 2014-2015 school year.

Jon Erickson

Kara Gravley-Stack

Patricia Moulton

Dan Schaeffer

Allan Skramstad*

Shauna Vistad

City Sales Tax measure: Two questions. Both must pass for the sales tax to increase.

North Dakota Legislature

Each odd-numbered district has two House seats and one Senate seat up for election this year. The top vote-getters in the June primary from each party for each seat will advance to the Nov. 4 general election. As of July 1, lawmakers will be paid $167 per day during the legislative session. They get a lodging reimbursement and mileage for one round-trip per week to their homes.

They also receive $467 per month for execution of duties during the biennium.

District 13 encompasses most of West Fargo. District 45 encompasses northwest Fargo, Harwood, Reiles Acres and North River.

District 13 Senate

Landis Larson (Democrat)

Judy Lee (Republican)*

District 13 House of Representatives

Scott Brand (D)

Kim Koppelman (R)*

Christopher Olson (R)

Jaci Stofferahn (D)

District 45 Senate

Mike Deutsch (D)

Ronald Sorvaag (R)*

District 45 House of Representatives

Ed Gruchalla (D)*

Mary C. Johnson (R)

Tom Kading (R)

Brenda Warren (D)

* Denotes incumbent.