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Reacquainting with days gone by

One of the state's biggest attractions will be hosting their "double nickel" (55th) milestone celebration this weekend as Bonanzaville rolls out the welcome mat August 16, 17 and 18 for their Pioneer Days review.

Operated by the Cass County Historical Society, the pioneer village's mission has been consistent through the years — to collect, display and interpret artifacts relevant to the history and cultural heritage of Cass County and the Red River Valley.

Pioneer Days is a step-back-in-time premier event packed with hands-on educational demonstrations, music and entertainment sure to appeal to all age levels, with truly something of interest for everyone.

The down side, if there is one, is that more people need to to be aware of Bonanzaville and all it has to offer and make it a point to visit.

An excellent introduction would be Pioneer Days with its concentrated agenda providing an excellent sampling of what makes the village so authentically appealing.

If you are at all familiar with West Main Avenue, you can't miss the historic little restored village, complete with buildings and a main museum, with some of the most amazing artifacts and displays you'll find anywhere around the country.

It is accessible, open on a regular basis during the summer months, typically May through Labor Day. There is a minimal charge, but it is well worth every cent, as you can spend hours perusing the museum and the grounds, taking in the history and the lore attached to each individual building and site.

Toward that end, the collections and displays are among the finest, whether you're into airplanes, farm equipment, telephones, railroads, you name it.

So if any of you are looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon or an entire day, head on out to Pioneer Days, for a special adventure that will literally turn back time by reacquainting you with familiar but forgotten experiences of days gone by.


Speaking of great missed opportunities, the cancellation of Night to

Unite due to heavy rains accompanied by thunder and lightning, was a disappointment to many but one that couldn't be averted.

Even though displays, vendors and demos were already in place, safety came first, marking the third time in about 20 years the event had to be cancelled at the last minute thanks to the actions of Mother Nature.

The upside is that the food items that were generously contributed to the event were put to good use, donated to The Salvation Army.

Organizers say that even though Night to Unite wasn't able to happen they are extremely appreciative to the sponsors and everyone else who committed time, resources and effort to the annual cause.

Here's looking forward to next year.