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After winning 3 free beds in a furniture store donation, a local woman was caught selling two on Facebook

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FARGO—A post to an online garage sale site is sparking outrage.

Hours after a woman got three free beds through the annual Slumberland Homes for the Holidays donation, she was selling two of the beds online.

Slumberland first found out that a bed that looked like one of their own was being sold on a buy and sell group on Facebook.

What makes this more up setting for the benefit; nearly 150 families applied for a bed, but only 74 beds were given.

The store heard about this post within six hours of delivering it.

It's what spirit of the season is all about, Slumberland donates 74 beds to families in need throughout the metro.

"Your kids need a good night sleep. They deserve a good night's sleep. And that's why we donated them," said Derrick Vettleson, Slumberland General Manager.

Just hours after delivery people on Facebook contacted us in shock after spotting the post; calling out a seller on a Buy and Sell site for destroying that holiday spirit by trying to flip donated beds.

The annual holiday give-away is organized by the Salvation Army.

"Extremely disappointed. Because we base our decision on who gets a bed on the story that they give us. So if you are going to flip a bed, it sure feels like you might not have told the truth," said Major Elaine Medlock, Salvation Army.

We contacted the woman behind the account; Wakefield Vanos to get her side of the story.

She told us over messages: "We really need the money now for bills so we have a warm place this xmas. We have been through alot."

Major Elaine Medlock says what the woman told me doesn't match the story she told the Salvation Army, Medlock tried to confirm the woman about it over the phone.

"I said, we have information that you might be selling the bed. And she hung up on us," said Medlock.

Major Elaine Medlock says they do use a vetting system, going through social service agencies, then have families in need fill out forms.

"It makes us wonder if we made the right decision, but I feel confident that we made the best decision based on the information that we had," said Medlock.

For Slumberland, they say this woman is missing the whole purpose behind their mission.

"The goal of this program is to help kids out. This isn't something that we've decided hey, let's give out money to people. We want to help children get a good night's sleep, and turning around, and having someone selling them isn't helping them," said Vettleson.

They say one grinch won't deter them from continuing to spread holiday cheer.

The woman says she didn't have any bad intentions when trying to sell two of the three beds she got.

After the backlash, she decided to keep the beds.

As for that third one, she says she gave away it away to her nephew as a gift.