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Busy place, busy time, lots to do

It's almost fall marking the time for some of the community's popular events that are just around the corner, i.e. Big Iron, West Fest and one involving our neighbors to the north, Harwood Community Days.

The 33rd annual Big Iron will fill the Red River Valley Fairgrounds next week featuring the newest and most innovative selection of agricultural equipment and related product display you will find anywhere in the upper Midwest, with organizers expecting approximately 80,000 visitors during the three-day run.

A real boost for local local businesses and adjacent Bonanzaville as well, as they host a craft show in Dawson Hall, in conjunction with the event.

The daily features are definitely mixed and varied, with the event evolving through the years from a farm equipment show to a celebration of rural living, including agribusiness, health, and new technology in the areas of farming, ranching, sales, banking and manufacturing.

The event will also feature a variety of field demonstrations, farm machinery display, health screenings, and special ladies activities, along with a variety of other happenings.

In addition, this years show will focus on a large contingency of international guests with unique interests in agriculture, hosted by the North Dakota Trade Office.

There is no gate admission and plenty of free parking and on grounds transportation will also be provided making it easier to get around.

Harwood Community Days is also back this weekend. As any every-other-year happening, organizers have plenty of time to plan and fine tune the activity list, offering a full plate of appeal for everyone.

It's a guarantee the town will be buzzing, so if you are looking for something different to do this weekend, consider the short drive to Harwood to take in all the active community has to offer.

Ditto for Big Iron at the Fairgrounds next week. The excitement will be high and there will be exhibits and vendors galore, all to take in at your own leisurely pace.

As for West Fest, the annual highly popular community celebration that everyone looks forward to each year and what has now evolved into a three-day run will take place Thursday, Sept. 19 through Saturday, Sept. 21. Complete details on the full slate of activities will appear in our publications prior to the event, so stay tuned.