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Huber: Demolition marks an end of a popular era

I couldn’t help but notice as I was driving down Main Avenue this weekend that the Old Dairy Queen building at 201 East Main is no longer there having been demolished.

The business had its beginning in 1951 when the late Walter Ruff brought the business to town after the franchise caught his attention as the newest national trend featuring the sweet soft serve ice cream with the curl.

If I remember correctly, he and his wife, Freida, operated it for many years until it changed hands and Dennis and Connie Filley followed by David and Nancy Stedman, became future owners, until it eventually closed and a new Dairy Queen opened on 13th Avenue.

A couple of other attempts to revive the business as newly-named fast food eateries were unsuccessful and short lived.

There was a time, before all the fast food and other convenience restaurants, that the Dairy Queen was one of the few places in town to eat, and a real treat to either let the kids ride their bikes there or visit with the whole family, placing your order through the convenient drive-up window located on the east side of the building on the cramped lot.

Anybody at all who traveled Main Avenue from the 1950s on into the 1990s must have stopped there at one time or another for either one of their famous barbecues or their hot fudge sundaes.

The building sat empty for years, so the tearing down comes as no surprise. It will be interesting to see how the site is developed. Word has it that the present owners are considering options and exploring possibilities.

That will be a story for a future date.

Anyway, the Dairy Queen building no longer there is indeed pause for reflection triggering memories of days gone by that are totally irreplaceable.

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On sort of a related note in that the Veterans Memorial Pool also had its start in the 1950s, 1957 to be exact, the pool has also been demolished for the sake of progress in the form of a new water based recreation complex on the site.

Just a reminder that the intersection of 2nd Street East and 6th Avenue East will be closed until at least Oct. 15 for the installation of the storm, sanitary, and water utilities for the project so plan your traffic routes accordingly.

Residents living in the area will be able to access their driveways. Anyone with questions can call 729-9664.